Types of Plotters

There are mainly three plotter types. Those are:

- Inkjet plotter
- Flat bed plotter
- Drum plotter

Inkjet plotter

Flat bed plotter

Drum plotter

Each of them has specific advantages and disadvantages. So, you should plan and analyze carefully before going for one so that your money is not wasted at all.

In the inkjet plotter, beads of ink are directly pushed in to the medium. The three main colors are used extensively by a low end inkjet plotter. In a flat bed plotter, the paper on which the image needs to be drawn is kept on a flat surface. Then, the various pens are moved in a rhythmical manner to create the output on the paper. In this kind of plotter, the size of the bed defines the final size of the image or output. This is a major limitation of this kind of plotter. In the case of drum plotters, the output paper is moved around a cylindrical drum and the pen is moved on one axis.

How much a plotter costs?

The cost of a plotter depends upon various factors. The most important amongst them is the manufacturer. You should go for only that company who has a name in the industry for their reliability. Since, itís a big investment, so you must consider all the pros and cons before purchasing one. Moreover, your country of residence can also play a vital role in the overall price of the plotter youíre buying. This mainly happens because of the local taxes, customs etc.

For ultimate benefits of a plotter, you must have some basic technical knowledge.